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    Zythum Infosys
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  • Zythum Infosys
    Zythum Infosys
    Zythum Infosys
    Zythum Infosys
    Zythum Infosys
    Zythum Infosys
    Z Transfers
    (Zythum Infosys Group)
    We proudly believe in all the leads that
    we generate because of the quality we generate.

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Over 10000 orders fulfilled| 10% Extras on volume orders | Completed 15 long years in Business| One of the biggest Data Aggregators/vendors in the country| Live opt in Lead Generation| New Payday Loan Leads Introduced| Australia Canada UK High Income High Connectivity Cell Leads available.

BUY US Homeowners LEADS

Zythum Infosys, Buy Leads. Lead Generation Professionals. We supply leads to businesses including Insurance Leads, Debt Settlement, Loans, Loan Refinancing, Mortgage, Payday Loans,Tech Support & more. High Quality Leads US UK AU CA and more

We offer

Services we offer:

Debt settlement Live Transfer Leads

We specialize in generating Debt Settlement | consolidation live calls with 3 minutes buffer time. Our leads come with great...

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Irenland| Canada | UK | Australia cell Leads

We fetch real time web forms from multiple sources which helps us to generate quality Ireland Canada Australia UK USA leads for you . These are all active Cell Phones Leads and comes with great accuracy.

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High Connectivity Dailer leads| High Income leads

We generate over 400k-500k High Connectivity Dialer and High Income leads Online. We also provide Raw leads to multiple companies for their calling and telemarketing needs.

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High Connectivity Grants seeker Leads

Z Transfers(Zythum Infosys Group) is offering High Connectivity Grants leads that are dedicated to providing you highest conversion in the industry.

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Loan Modification Leads

Are you looking for Inbound Loan Modification Live Call Transfer Leads, We are your solution. We generate best quality calls for various law firms.

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Refinance Mortgage Leads

Double Verified Mortgage Live Transfers / Refinance Leads are our Forte. We have been generating these since 2006 and our quality speaks for us. Average Talk time is over 20 minutes.

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Tech Support Leads | Anti Virus Leads

Our Tech Support Leads | Anti Virus Data are all live leads where people are looking for your help.We also generate computer users file , these are the clients who have computer and use them frequently.

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FHA Mortagage Leads | HARP Live Calls

We also generate Live Calls for HARP and FHA mortgage refinance program. We have access to all types of leads and we can get you 100% qualified FHA and HARP inbound leads.

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IRS Tax Leads

After the FTC laws on Debt Settlement, companies have shifted their focus on IRS Tax resolution live transfer Leads and Tax Payers file. Our conversion is over 13% on these .

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Hi Alex , I am very impressed with your live transfers . I have got 6 leads in 10 days from my previous vendor and have never expected such a result.

Greg C

Closed 19 deals out of 74 total debt leads. I am very satisfied with the quality. Please let me know what can you do to increase the numbers up to 20 a day.

Chris M

This is great , I am really impressed . Hope to see such results forever.

Sally Brown

Who We Are

We at https://zythuminfosys.com generates and delivers one of the best in class Double verified live call transfers, High quality Online web generated leads and data.

We proudly believe in all the leads that we generate because of the quality we generate. We are currently generating Ireland Canada Australia UK High Connectivity leads, buy cheap high quality Grants data leads, loan modification Debt settlement hot exclusive calls, USA High connectivity high income Amazon leads, Australia Cell Phones Leads, Buy Grants leads, Canadian Homeowners Data, USA UK High Connectivity leads. All these leads and data are double verified and we can proudly say that our buyers achieve top closing ratios. Our existing buyers are closing over 13% of our leads. Since these are generated out of Opt-in leads only, all the clients we send you would be interested in your programs and thats what makes us one of the Top Leads Vendor in the country.

100% Replacement Guarantee (All bad leads which don't meet the criteria will be replaced on the same day). We make sure you get qualified leads thats why all calls go through extremely stringent process of double verification and still if you get which does not meet the criteria , we will replace it on the same day.

100 % Exclusivity Guarantee(We never re-sell our leads and you will not be competing with anyone). If you get any client who is even speaking with any other company , you will not be paying for it even if you manage to close that lead down. We maintain exclusivity for 30 - 45 days.

100% Contact ratio (You will not be paying for the leads you dont take , we will re-transfer all the leads which hits your voicemail).

Double Verified and generated out of Opt-in Leads only.

Z Transfers (Zythum Infosys Group) provides you an absolutely easy to use WEB-CRM (Lead Management System) so that you don't have to waste time chasing down aged leads. We make your phone ring with only DOUBLE VERIFIED Calls which has been screened through our Inbound Verification Center.We have also introduced Email Lead Notification System.

Other Verticals

  • Legal Leads Are you looking for Inbound Legal leads for Bankruptcy , Divorce , DUI etc. Z Transfers (Zythum Infosys Group) is your solution. We have been generating Legal leads .....
  • Live Transfers Credit Repair Z Transfers (Zythum Infosys Group) offers double verified Credit Repair Live transfers and call verified batch leads. Our live transfers achieve ....
  • Live Transfer Bankruptcy Leads We specialize in generating Bankruptcy inbound calls. We have been supplying leads to various Bankruptcy attorney's and law firms for years...
  • Live Transfers Foreclosure Defense Are you looking for Inbound Foreclosure Defense hot leads or Loan Modification Live Call Transfer Leads? Z Transfers (Zythum Infosys Group)...
  • Home Improvement Leads We generate high quality Home improvement live call transfers . these are the clients looking for improvements and repairs immediately.
  • Home Security Alarm Leads We offer you one of the best quality Double Verified Home Security alarm leads at the lowest price guaranteed .
  • Paid email leads | Technical support leads We generate paid email leads like Comcast, Verizon, SBC Global etc leads for centers working on providing technical support to clients.